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Alas, The Wall Street Journal is not angry about the scandal of naked short selling. To the contrary, it devotes most of its editorial to tut-tutting the SEC for taking the mild step of requiring hedge funds to disclose their short positions. Might the world like to see which hedge funds are employing the strategy of illegal naked short selling — offloading huge chunks of stock that they do not possess — phantom stock — in order to drive down prices?

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Five years ago, Overstock filed a naked-shorting case in California against a bunch of Wall Street firms. The gist of the accusation was that they had conspired with clients to manipulate short sales of the company's shares in order to allow more shorting and thus generate bigger brokerage fees than would otherwise have been possible. The effect, Overstock alleges, was to depress its share price.

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This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Naked short selling has long dwelled in the grassy knoll of the equity markets, denounced by crackpots, devotees of penny stocks, and troubled companies eager to divert attention from their failings. In other words, sightings of it often turn out to be bunk.

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Interesting new take on banking JP. But if the Bank of Canada like most corporations owned very illiquid assets, that couldn't be sold quickly, then commercial banks would cause inflation. I don't see the economic difference between short selling and naked short selling and I fear to read the SEC page.

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He is also an eight-year veteran of Morgan Stanley. This can lead to more shares being shorted than can actually be delivered to the buyers. Banks could leave these unsecured shares short, as record systems are opaque, and despite risking severe penalties, the banks are not always completely honest.

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Brief synopsis: a misguided government policy driven by fraudsters in the stock market is making the market less efficient at a cost to taxpayers of at least a billion dollars. This post has two start points — a start point for people unfamiliar with the basic operation of short selling and risk arbitrage — and a start point for most my readership who seem to be hedge fund managers. Start point for readers without a financial market background.

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I saw your kind words and would respond on the page I read them on, but I cannot find it, so I hope you don't mind that I have come over here, and I will also post this on my talk page. It seems obvious that the naked short selling page has been co-opted by the miscreants. It is obvious to many of us that watch our stocks on a daily basis that there is blatant manipulation of the share price in many stocks, which is only possible through the counterfeiting of phantom shares.

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Focus: The long and short of it. Short-selling: Getting to the naked truth. Naked short-selling: A not-so-short story.

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Quality data is essential to well-functioning markets. In our experience, short selling remains one of the most highly-debated topics among academics, companies, investors, market makers and broker-dealers. Short selling, the sale of a security that the seller does not own, has long been a controversial practice in public markets. Advocates for short selling believe it builds price efficiency, enhances liquidity and helps improve the public markets, while critics are concerned that it can facilitate illegal market manipulation and is detrimental to investors and public companies.


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