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A jealous Chinese woman knocked a suspected love rival unconscious before stripping her naked and tying her up before cutting off her breasts with a pair of scissors. The horrific attack happened in city of Heshan in south-eastern China's Guangdong province when year-old Xiao Lin was at home watching television when there came a knock at the door. She later told her husband Xiao Luo, 28, that as she answered the door, someone kicked it, knocking her in the head and sending her sprawling to the floor.

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She doesn't remember much of what happened next, other than the arrival of an ambulance and waking up in hospital with a large wound on her right breast. With the public option still off the table, Baker had begun looking into private providers, with the Bowen Hospital Charitable Trust looking like her best option. If this surgery is funded, all the money [raised online] will go to the Bowen Trust.

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The US effectively stopped government aid programs benefiting Palestinians in February, and humanitarian aid groups and hospital administrators in Gaza and Jerusalem say aid cuts are doing serious harm to vulnerable patients at a time when health care systems used by Palestinians are already heavily strained. Aid funding from the US totaling hundreds of millions of dollars benefiting Palestinians were cut off last year before Washington effectively ended aid to the West Bank and Gaza last month, moves critics say have had a devastating impact on health care programs, politicizing human health. Shanan, who herself survived breast cancer, knows firsthand how difficult it is for Gazan women to seek diagnosis and treatment for the illness.

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Saint Agatha [4] of Sicily c. Her memorial is on 5 February. Agatha was born at Catania or PalermoSicilyand she was martyred in approximately

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All of us, Indian, speaking different languages, put hands across our breasts. Like with all things, the ones that are most shameful or taboo are also the most attractive, desired in pornography, in Bollywood films and giggle-worthy MMSes in our Parliament. Breasts have become a complex symbol that combines both our sexuality and shame, something that we desire highly both men and women and at the same time are shamed by.

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A mother-of-three has described the moment she cut out her own breast implant after her giant boobs gave her anxiety. Tonia Rossington, 49, from Skegness, had her B-cup breasts increased to an F-cup when her natural boobs became saggy and deflated through breastfeeding three children. She wrote to her GP and said she was suffering depression and anxiety linked to her implants and also told him she had considered taking them out herself.

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Duncan Moseti, 24, attacked his wife Margaret with a knife as she lay sleeping and threatened to kill their baby, before cutting off his manhood and throwing it out the window. A man allegedly tried to hack off his wife's breast and and then sliced off his own penis on Valentine's Day after accusing her of cheating with his brother. Duncan Moseti, 24, attacked his wife Margaret with a knife as she lay sleeping and threatened to kill their baby, before cutting off his manhood and throwing it out the window, it was reported.

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Duncan Moseti, 24, allegedly attacked his partner Margaret with a knife as she slept and threatened to kill their baby girl, before slicing off his todger and chucking it out of the window. Terrified Margaret, 20, said she was woken up by the "sharp pain" in her chest and saw Moseti bending over her with a blade. The mum-of-one added: "At around 3am, I woke up after I felt a sharp pain in my chest. On checking, I saw my husband and screamed for help.

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Back to Health A to Z. It's most common in breastfeeding women, usually within the first three months after giving birth. Mastitis usually only affects one breast, and symptoms often develop quickly.

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Mumbai - A middle-aged Indian woman attacked her alleged stalker and cut off his genitals before rushing him to hospital to save his life, police said on Thursday. The accused woman on Tuesday asked two men to lure the year-old to an isolated place in the suburbs of Mumbai where the three of them assaulted him and the woman used a kitchen knife to cut off his genitals, police said. In a statement to police, the year-old woman said the victim was her neighbour and had several times harassed her.


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