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The sight of a naked 2-year-old boy running around the yard prompts a smile. An unclad middle-aged man running around outside prompts a call to Age matters.

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We kind of have to face it, without women, professional wrestling would just be sweaty, musclebound dudes in tight costumes pretending to wail on each other and performing acrobatic stunts. There would still be the athleticism and some of the story lines, but at the same time, wrestling would lack an element of sex appeal for the majority of the audience. The popularity of women in wrestling, and especially the Divas in WWE have gone through the roof in recent years and we can see why.

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Lovely bodies look beautiful on athletic ladies as they wrestle in the ring, entertaining fans with their moves. They show surprising strength in some of what they do. This was just a good idea, done badly by "mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart!

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Many believe that those wrestlers adopt unhealthy diets that increased their weights, but the reality is that the sport requires the wrestlers to gain much weight and undergo intensive exercises so that they can play the game. The Japanese do not see sumo as a mere sport. It is the oldest religious book in Japanese history.

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RIYADH—Saudi authorities apologized Saturday for videos with scantily clad female performers shown at a pro-wrestling event, highlighting the tension the ultraconservative kingdom faces in opening its society while respecting cultural and religious restrictions. The promotional ad was aired between wrestling matches at the World Wrestling Entertainment Co. The WWE event was broadcast on Saudi state television.

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But was it worth the gallons of ink and hours of radio and TV talk that followed? Why so much fuss over this particular breast when all around us on TV and billboards, in movies and magazines, online and on the sides of buses, breasts abound? Because this was not just any breast.

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The most prominent stereotype associated with professional wrestling is that of two muscular and nearly naked men doused in oil rolling around on a canvas in front of a roaring crowd of rednecks. The history of women in wrestling has had its ups and downs for decades now, never quite reaching the heights of their male peers. In the world of wrestling, MGS is a highly respected and integral part of wrestling history, so that significance should not be downplayed.

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In this Wednesday, Feb. At right, wrestler, Dr. The esoteric hybrid of American burlesque and Mexican wrestling is an outrageous hit.

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The Naked Women's Wrestling Leaguealso known as NWWLis a defunct erotic women's professional wrestling promotion which featured naked females battling in the ring. Carmen Electra acted as hostess for the organization untilwhen she sued the company for breach of contract. Before creating the Naked Women's Wrestling League, the creators tried other products that featured naked women, such as online gambling, before settling on nude female wrestling.

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As Cameron and Clegg push on with their legislation to allow gay marriage, you might believe that we live in a society which grows ever more permissive, tolerant, and liberal. This would not appear to be the case at Cambridge University, where a notorious drinking society has been forced to cancel part of their after-exam entertainment. The all-male club the Wyverns has halted one of the traditional events at their famed summer party. On the 16th June after exams have ended, they would have held an all-female wrestling competition in which contestants wear bikinis to wrestle in a paddling pool filled with jelly.


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