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The problem is that it's not as simple to find out if a snake is male or female as it is in many other animals. On the outside, male and female snakes look similar. However, with a bit of experience, there are ways to differentiate between the two.

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A new study has shown that boosting the estrogen levels of male garter snakes causes them to secrete the same pheromones that females use to attract suitors, and turned the males into just about the sexiest snake in the neighborhood -- attracting dozens of other males eager to mate. This experiment in the famed garter snake caverns of Manitoba, Canada, was one of the first in a field setting to ever quantify the effects of estrogen as a stimulant of pheromones, scientists said, in research just published in the Journal of Experimental Biology. This estrogen, they said, is the same exact chemical found in many animal species, ranging from snakes to amphibians, fish, mammals and humans.

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Unfortunately, sexing a snake is not straightforward. Usually, the only noticeable differences between male and female snakes are on the inside. There are ways to identify male and female snakes visually, but they vary between species and are not always accurate.

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Password: Log In. Lost your password? Laura Wales answered on 25 Jun The male snake has to approach the female snake very carefully to see if she wants to mate.

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One might think having no limbs would put a damper on the love life, but not for snakes. When a female snake is ready to mate, she begins to release a special scent pheromones from skin glands on her back. As she goes about her daily routine, she leaves an odor trail as she pushes off resistance points on the ground See Getting Around.

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All rights reserved. The male American alligator, Alligator mississippiensiskeeps its penis erect but tucked inside its body until mating. More than 10, reptile species in every shape and size scurry and slither across Earth, from garter snakes to crocodiles — and their nether regions are just as wildly varied.

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How in the world do you tell whether a snake is male or female? It is so difficult, right? Well, I did some research on the topic and have written it down to share with you.

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What do you think about the claim of a U. I bought rat snakes and kingsnakes from him, and I don't think he even knows what a sexing probe is. The funny thing is that he was percent correct about the ones he shipped to me.

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At first glance corn snakes are not easy to sex because both males and females are of a similar color and length. They do not have external genitalia, making the difference between the sexes even less obvious. Like most snakes, though, you can sex corn snakes by probing or popping the snake, though popping should only be used on hatchlings.

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Red-sided garter snakes take on an orgy-like atmosphere when they mate. After hibernating for eight months, females release pheromones that results in them being ravaged by throngs of eager males in a cave or den. Multiple males wrap themselves around the females, twisting themselves into balls and roll around furiously until one of the lucky boys is able to land his prize. Once completed, the ones who lost the battle unwind themselves and move on.


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