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He gave us the elegance of Gatsby 20 years before F. Scott Fitzgerald had even invented him. His gaze is fixed on something, or someone else, and the viewer is invited to guess who that might be.

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I was fortunate never to encounter homophobic, biphobic or transphobic HBT bullying at school, I didn't come out until my mids. I did however grow up hearing HBT language on a daily basis, whether it was using the word gay to describe something that was 'a bit rubbish', or as an insult. So I never even considered that I might be gay.

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Tall, sporty and charming, former Australian rules footballer and mental health advocate Jason Ball oozes confidence. But it's been a long road for Jason to feel comfortable in his identity. Growing up in rural Victoria, the realisation he was gay terrified him.

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NAIROBI - Gay and transgender people in Tanzania have gone into hiding fearing for their lives after a senior government official called on the public to report suspected homosexuals so that they could be arrested from early next week. Some said they were too scared to go outside during the day, while others had left their homes fearing imminent arrest. Not just in Dar, but all over the country.

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Gay propaganda is everywhere… apparently. Huck uncovers the bizarre allegations of a homosexual agenda across pop culture. The religious right in the US and elsewhere have long condemned the rise of openly gay characters on screen.

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Hundreds of LGBT activists in Tanzania have gone into hiding after a senior official announced a taskforce aiming to identify and punish gay people in Dar es Salaam. In an interview posted on YouTube, Makonda called for Tanzanians to report gay people and told a news conference he had already received more than 5, messages from the publicincluding more than names. It is a horrible thing.

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I returned home this past summer in Northern Wisconsin at the lowest point of my life. I had dropped out of graduate school as the anxiety and fear of being gay had begun to strangle my will to live. I walked into the bedroom of my childhood home and saw my hunting bow case laying there.

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Some people living in the centres have experienced intimidation, harassment and threats from other residents. Asylum seekers living in Clondalkin Towers, which is due to close in Junerecently spoke to TheJournal. Hicham felt unsafe in his own country, Morocco, where being gay is a criminal offence. He moved to South Africa, but also experienced homophobia there.

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Hiding in Hip-Hop is broken down into different sections, each section deals with a different aspect of Dean's life but instead of using the word "chapters" he uses the word "Disks" to reflect the fact that this is a Hip-Hop narrative and like any Hip-Hop narratives its told through a series of "Disks" not "Chapters". The Memoir does not deal with sexually entirely but starts with Dean's traumatic childhood growing up empoverished to abusive drug addicted parents and how these childhood experiences led him to the entertainment industry. Dean then goes on to discuss how he got involved in this secret gay Hip-Hop subculture and his first parties and he goes on to give graphic depictions of sexually acts between men he either participated in or witnessed some of them with well-known rappers or celebrities throughout Hollywood and possesses the question: "What I''m truly hoping for is the start of a real conversation about why, in this very contemporary day and age, we as black people are still made to feel that we cannot be comfortable in our skin?

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T his weekend I took my kids to a community fete in our north London borough of Haringey, complete with bouncy castle, Turkish dancing, tug-of-war and free curry. In the States the song has been top of the Billboard ranking for 12 weeks straight. For proof, enjoy this viral tweet showing children going wild to the song when Lil Nas X performed at their school.


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