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Samsung announced improvements to the Galaxy Fold and a new release date on Wednesday evening. In the wake of growing global concerns over internet privacy and security protection, cybersecurity experts say Chinese companies cannot deny the government if asked for data. SpaceX was attempting to fly its "Starship" prototype rocket in its first short flight of more than a few feet off the ground on Wednesday.

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He is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts, which he typically performs himself, in the cinematic world. He has trained in Wushu or Kung Fu and Hapkido[5] [6] and has been acting since the s, appearing in over films. Chan is one of the most recognisable and influential cinematic personalities in the world, gaining a widespread following in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Starsand the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Now past the age of 60, he's still putting his life on the line to thrill audiences. Here are some things you probably didn't know about the amazing Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan was born in Aprilbut he was supposed to be born in January — he hung out in his mother's womb for a full 12 months before a British doctor had to surgically remove him.

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Welcome to Jarod's Safe House. If you're looking for information on the career of Michael T. Weiss, star of The Pretender, you've come to the right place.

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Author's Note: One basic assumption went into this fic- Drago is, quite literally, Shendu's son. No real season 5 spoilers, though. Also, I ignored the many, many different Chinese dialects in existence for the sake of my sanity.

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Talent International Film Co. Chinese action star Jackie Chan has unveiled his new 3D animated series that is set to become the first Chinese-funded cartoon series to be made to international production standards. Asa Butcher is a senior editor at gbtimes.

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He has hit the big time since being "discovered" by Hollywood in the mids and films such as Rush HourShanghai NoonThe Tuxedo and The Medallion have made him an American household name. Chan is best known as a stunt performer and fight choreographer, and really that's the entire point of going to see any of his movies - watching dumbfounded as he does all sorts of insane tricks and stunts in jaw-dropping fight scenes. He reportedly says that he loves action, but hates violence.

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Sign in. Watch now. Presented by LEGO. Title: Ninja the Protector