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Fuck you! I'm screwed up I feel better than I've ever felt before, ah! Intoxicated but maintaining self-control, ah!

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The royal penis is clean your highness Thank you, king shit Yeah motherfuckers! Welcome to the United States of America. Time to roll out the red carpet on y'all bitch asses.

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Fuck you! I'm screwed up. Intoxicated but maintaining self-control, Ah! I took a swig, I had a jug, chug-a-log, I'm loud and clear I had some bud, I lit it up, and then I made it disappear 'Cause my magic tricks, are so fabulous This shit's hazardous, got amateurs smoking canibus If you mad at this, damn it then.

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Get out my section, off my couch and out my damn sight These niggas must be bout that life, bitch you damn right Ever since I left the crib, I hit the ground running Tell the waitress keep them motherfucking bottles coming. I cant think straight Take a drink break Get the cup goin, goin Fill it up Drink somethin Drink somethin Drink somethin Drink somethin. If I Aint Fucked Up lyrics.

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I feel better than I've ever felt before, ah! Intoxicated, but maintainin self control, ah! I took a swig, I had a jug, chug a lug I'm loud and clear, I had some bud, I lit it up and than I made it disappear. Cause my magic tricks are so fabulous, this shits hazardous, Got amatuers smoking cannabis, if you mad at this damnit, than.

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Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me Who the fuck you talking to? Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me [Small World] 3, 2, 1 What's begun, is the start but bitch we be saying we "we just getting started it since one" Y'all been monitoring, pondering bout it How bout I, pull it out and kapaow, I'll heat em up out his mouth with it Big Small World, Norfclk is the gang, extended clip in the jeans Put em in a box like Bisquick I'm a laker wit clips, get em in the lake wit clips Truth is ya a clipper with clips aint cha bitch I'm bout my loot and dollars, I'll shot you for looting dollars But you lootless and dollarless, fuck it I shot for Luda n Dolla I crash parties, blast with proposed toast Im a have a problem like Scrap blat with me short of hoes Muffle ya damn lips, or there be mixture of blood and dandruff If you don't get my damn drift Creep to ya grave and leak DT Piss This is yo highness at his less tempered Keep it pimpin' and watch [Chorus X2] Who the fuck you talking to? Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me [Dolla Boi] I been having a bad day, the same ol shit We don't give a fuck about who you is The same ol clique, and the same ol biz The same ol flipwit the same ol whip The samewith the same ol clip Half the bullets gone, the otha half you can get, bitch R.

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Coming 2 America 2. Rollout My Business 3. Go 2 Sleep - feat.


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