Multiple affairs and sexual addiction

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Brunner-Routledge Publishers. Despite religious and cultural precepts that forbid sexual activities outside marital relationships, such behaviors have continued in most societies and are common in the United States. Psychotherapy of married couples wishing to address adultery traditionally seeks to explore motives for the behaviors and effects upon the marriage and family.

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We strive to be unique in how we deliver care by treating the whole person and not just his or her symptoms, providing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through a client-centered approach. When in need of treatment for chemical dependency concerns, The Refuge can ensure that you will receive the most thorough, holistic, and compassionate care possible so that you can take the first step towards life-long sobriety. The topic of sexual addiction seems to be more prevalent now than ever before.

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Q: I have just discovered that my husband is having an affair with his secretary. Actually, she let it slip, so to speak. I called her to ask about my husband's next business trip and she indicated that "THEY" would be at a Miami Beach hotel for the week.

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The partner is questioning whether they even want to be in the relationship, let alone rebuild trust. However, if both are willing to do the hard work by taking a look at what each individual needs to labor through and agree to a transparent and consistent plan, trust can be rebuilt and eventually restored. So what does it take to make restoring trust possible? Here are a few important factors that can help the couple on their journey toward healing:.

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These individuals, though married, have never been able to find complete fulfillment from their marriage. Rather, they are enslaved by a drive to satisfy their longings. Like other addictions, these behaviors continue despite sincere and persistent efforts to stop.

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Sexual addiction is very complex. As a spouse of a sex addict, it is imperative that you understand your role in the recovery process. It is normal to minimize the disconnection you are feeling in your marriage.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Between the Sheets.

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More often than not, an affair can be an unconscious attempt to solve a problem in the original relationship. These are the deeper relationship issues that might have led to the affair, and can give some ideas about what steps to take as you solder your relationship back together. The relationship becomes routine, rather than being kept alive by fresh dialogue.

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I would cautiously say there is a difference between the two. These forms of sexual behaviors tend to be more one-dimensional addict to himself and can be seen as veiled attempts for control, dominance, or a sense of significance or self-worth. But I must acknowledge the threshold from sexual affair to an emotional one is hard to discern.

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This type of betrayal is an ongoing pattern of sexual behavior such as frequenting strip clubs, viewing pornography, compulsive masturbation, prostitution, repetitive encounters with sexual partners, and other behaviors that are destructive to both the individual and to the marital relationship. These individuals, though married, have never been able to find complete fulfillment from their marriage. They are enslaved by a drive to satisfy their longings. Driven by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors, they are powerless over their extra-marital attachments to behaviors, people, or objects such as pornography.


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