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Larry Lipshultz has helped patients from as far as Dallas and beyond at his men's health clinic in Houston. The reasons so many patients in Texas trust Dr. Lipshultz is that he uses his experience to improve patient satisfaction through patient education.

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A vasectomy is a procedure performed on the vas deferens, the tubes that put sperm into your semen when you ejaculate. Keep reading for more on what to expect from sex after your vasectomy. This may mean waiting a week or more after your procedure.

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All this conflicting advice can be confusing and lead to a lot of unnecessary worry. Most doctors recommend waiting a week before having sex. Always listen to your doctor and use common sense before resuming intercourse after a vasectomy.

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This means you can go home the same day. He or she will also discuss the possible risks and complications with you. Your doctor will talk with you about getting ready for surgery.

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Vasectomy is surgery a man may choose to have if he does not want to father any more children. It is lasting permanent male birth control. During the surgery, 2 tubes called the vas deferens are cut and sealed.

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Vasectomy is a form of male birth control that cuts the supply of sperm to your semen. It's done by cutting and sealing the tubes that carry sperm. Vasectomy has a low risk of problems and can usually be performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia.

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One of the most frequently asked questions before and after a vasectomy is when can intercourse resume once the procedure is complete. The good news is: patients will not have to wait long to have sex post-vasectomy. In fact, it is recommended that patients wait only seven days before having intercourse.

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Back to Your contraception guide. A vasectomy male sterilisation is a surgical procedure to cut or seal the tubes that carry a man's sperm to permanently prevent pregnancy. It's usually carried out under local anaesthetic, where you're awake but don't feel any pain, and takes about 15 minutes.

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You can safely have sex about a week after a vasectomybut the effect on your sterility will not be complete until about three months after the procedure. You need to go through a few follow-up medical tests after your vasectomy to confirm that you cannot get your partner pregnant. In the meantime, if you are going to be sexually active within the first few months after your vasectomy, you'll need to use another method of birth control to prevent pregnancy.

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Men's Health Vasectomy: frequently asked questions. Yes, vasectomies are carried out on single men in Australia. It does not matter if you have not had any children, however, you must think carefully about vasectomy as the procedure is permanent.


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